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the most cited works in sociology, 2012 edition

Because December is the season for making lists, I’ve updated my sociological navel-gazing to create a 2012 edition of the most cited items in sociological journals. Since there is no widely accepted list of sociological journals, I include those journals* where the majority of authors who list a department in their mailing address list one that includes the […]

wrap it up, people

End of the year means lots of lists and other reminiscences. Here are just a few: Amazing astronomy photos. Canada has numbskulls, too. Wil Wheaton sums up 2008. What is the What identifies eligible bachelors. (not an end of year list but still awesome) The year in bad science (fyi, my finger grew back without […]


Several people wondered whether I would stop blogging when I came to Northwestern. Speculation that this would happen increased after I, well, stopped blogging. But then I came back! What’s more, colleagues here at NU are now joining the blogosphere!* Two of my colleagues are among the founders of Controlling Authority (get it?), a zippy […]

our known unknowns

This is a blog, which is not as flexible as if it were a WordPress blog we were serving ourselves. For example, I would love to have a custom favicon instead of the WordPress logo next to the URL up in your address bar, but does not allow this. Even though one can […]

it’s 9:15pm, and…

I’m about to go to bed. I moved to NYC thinking it would change my life. That things would be exciting. That I would finally get away from Madison, where the few things I did were eat out and go to movies. Now I live in NY. And I eat out. Movies are no longer […]

my first post

In this, my first post, let me say two controversial things. 1.) An open note to sociologists: Dear Sociologists (particularly my fellow ethnographers) – Please stop writing the same book. The year was 1943, and with “Cornerville” we learn that downtrodden communities were not normless. They had social organization like everyone else. In many ways […]

well, this is certainly off to an ugly start

I have chosen the ugliest possible WordPress theme because it’s supposed to be extremely customizable once you understand how’s CSS upgrade works. I am sure this site is going to be looking absolutely smashing by 2011. Until then, this. I’m also going to stick a test link here so that I can see what […]


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