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bloggerly beverage at asa nyc ftw

The ASA is catching up with the times. There is WiFi in all the meeting rooms. They are webcasting the plenaries. The organization even announced the twitter hashtag for the meetings (#asa13 – four digit years are so Y2K). It might seem like things are changing too fast for you (if so, you can take […]

The 2013/14 US News Rankings

This morning, US News and World Reports published their graduate school rankings. However, rather than report rankings based on the data they collected last fall, they decided (for the first time in history) to average data collected in 2008 and 2012 to generate many of the lists, including sociology.

asa baseball is back

You might think that we have abandoned the scatterplot tradition of organizing a trip to a baseball game during the ASA, but no! The ASA’s move to Las Vegas foiled our plans last year, but we are back on track in 2012, and I am especially excited because I have never, ever been to Coors […]

what happens at the blog party…

Excited for the ASA in Las Vegas? Not so much? Perhaps planning the bloggerly get-together will get us in the mood. Let’s check the possible bars for a meet-up:  a poolside lounge? too hot for conference wear vs. too much skin for pale academics. The Numb Bar on the casino floor? perhaps I will want […]

trends in anonymous blogging.

Somehow – and much to my dismay, now that most of the day is behind me – I ended up tumbling down an internet rabbit hole today and venturing through blogs (and blog entries on still flourishing existing blogs) from yesteryear.* When I looked back at those blogs (and early entries here), there were so […]

data visualization

Yesterday, Kid came home from school with this graph that he made, displaying the results of his poll of the favorite drinks of the elementary class: Note that the color of the graph bar (sort of) matches the beverage color. No, I don’t usually serve him lemon lime juice, but maybe I’ll start now. For […]

50th anniversary of the pill

Happy birthday, The Pill! (Also, May the Fourth be with you–I’m sorry; I couldn’t help myself.)

best of alternative 2009

It’s time again for the year-in-review lists, and here is my fave of faves, Husband’s 2009 Best of Alternative Music list (iTunes link–should take you to the Canadian store*). I’ve mentioned before that Husband is a long-time list maker, and this was a good year for this genre. I was also going to point out […]

half truths

I was teaching about concepts and essentialism today–social constructivism and all that–and giving a Marxian “we make the world, but not in circumstances of our own choosing” gloss on it. And then, on my way home, I stopped by my local grocer. And I saw “fat free” half & half on the shelf. I am […]

mom, who were the first people in the world?

And thus began Kid’s immersion into evolution, a couple months ago in the car on the way to swim class. And I knew I’d love teaching Kid about evolution–it’s possible that Husband thinks I am too excited about it–but what I didn’t see coming is how much Kid loves it, too. Why? First, because there […]

drek, this contest is for you

Poor Drek, besotted with argumentative conspiracy theorists and burdened by his duties as one of only a handful of sociology royalty. He is surely on the path to madness as he struggles against Conservapedians. But, alas, a contest worthy of Drek’s passion and matched to his artistic skills. I give you, Drek, the Stick Figure […]

baseball at the asa

Going to a baseball game at the ASA with people you’ve never met in person is a longstanding bloggerly tradition, almost as longstanding as drinking together, but not quite. This year, as the ASA is in San Francisco, Brayden and I are particularly excited to see our beloved Giants in our beloved Pac Bell AT&T […]

if i were a tchotchke person…

these would be must-haves: The combination of crafty and Mythbustery is so irresistable, it makes me wonder why Anomie didn’t think of it first.

the kind of promotion no money will buy

I’m going out on a limb to declare mine the first sociology course podcast featured by iTunes:

mario kart party this friday!

Don’t forget that Friday, 8pm EST is the 2nd Occasional Mario Kart Wii Scatterplot Extravaganza. It will have all the pomp and circumstance of the inauguration, but without any of the metal detectors and frostbite. Our last party was really fun, and all of you (yes, even you) should feel warmly invited. What, no Wii? […]


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