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grace is not my middle name

I just sliced off the tip of the pinky finger on my left hand. Good thing I have a blog so that I can share this moment with you. That dot in my palm is my former fingertip:

dodging bullies

Not that I post often, but I haven’t been posting at all lately. Not that I need to offer an account, but I am about to do just that: I’m being bullied. I thought that there was something wrong with me if I could be bullied by colleagues and students, but it turns out that […]

what is worse than academic committee meetings?

Finding a time for the meeting when all members are available! In many cases, the time and effort that goes into such planning is more taxing than the meeting itself. The level of incompetence around issues of this sort is staggering.

adventures in new york

So this morning I’m calling to set up an appointment to get my hair cut. Shamus: I need a hair cut. Salon: Great! [Details...] Oh! And we’re having a special right now. With a hair cut you get a free make-up consult. Shamus: Um… I’m single. [Meaning: there's no one in my life who could […]

the silence is deafening

Scatterplot went over 24 hours without a post?  How can this be?  I suppose I could post something, but I’m definitely already over my weekly limit!

no one knows the world is upside down

I know that others have noticed that Google Books sometimes show the fingers of folks doing the work of scanning old texts. But there is just no excuse for this.

coming down with a case of the jeremy

Traveling this weekend, and I’m having a lovely time.* However, my travels have been a bit more, um, exciting than usual. For example, for the first time in my life I was paged in the airport. A bit freaked out at hearing my (mispronounced) name over the speakers, I rushed back to the gate I […]


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