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ethnicity is the curse of culture

I wrote the above phrase in an email to a senior scholar (not a social scientist) I enjoy arguing politics with. I’m not entirely sure what I meant by it, but he liked a lot so I thought I’d flesh it out here. I think the point I was getting at is that culture is […]

puzzling sign from campaign ’09

adventures in new york

So this morning I’m calling to set up an appointment to get my hair cut. Shamus: I need a hair cut. Salon: Great! [Details...] Oh! And we’re having a special right now. With a hair cut you get a free make-up consult. Shamus: Um… I’m single. [Meaning: there's no one in my life who could […]


I have an old email account I check on occasion. Others sometimes mistype their own account and register for services using this email address. Most services ask for confirmation so there’s not much of a problem. In such cases I don’t confirm and that way the registration doesn’t really go through. Presumably the person eventually […]

sometimes things just don’t add up

In having some drinks with Josh Whitford last night (and a group of Pakistanis and Indians), Josh brought up a nice point about “one of the fundamental insights of sociology:” sometimes things just don’t add up.

speaking of snobbery

You try to keep the faith. You want to be fair. You certainly do not want to prejudge people based on where they are employed. The author/speaker is doing something with a title that seems maybe obliquely relevant to your interests, and just because they are based at a college you’ve never heard of–even though, […]


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