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actually, now is the perfect time to ‘commit sociology’

This opinion piece by Bob Brym and Howard Ramos was published by iPolitics on April 26, 2013. Since that piece is behind a paywall, it is reproduced here with permission. When questioned during a news conference Thursday about an alleged plot to blow up a Via Rail train, Prime Minister Stephen Harper — making a […]

these salary data got you blue?

From the ASA Faculty Salary Brief: Perhaps you need to relocate to Canada, where we don’t necessarily collect data on sociologists’ salaries, but the Ontario Sunshine List gives us a hint that there are plenty of sociologists up here who break the six-figure barrier. Plus, a real pension, all the snowballs you can throw, and […]

same-sex marriage support increases in all age groups

This story in the NY times is a pleasant read among all the bad news in the digital papers these days. It shows that recent data reveal an interesting trend–support for same-sex marriage among all age cohorts: [Between 2009 and 2012], according to Pew, support among baby boomers (ages 48 to 66) has grown to […]

the brains behind youth hockey

I know, I know, no one cares about ice hockey. Except Canadians, Russians, and sociology bloggers, that is. Up here, hockey is in the news because someone did a study to dispel a widely held myth so stupid that it burns. The idea is that introducing body checking in hockey at a younger age reduces […]

tea party of the north

They call Alberta the Texas of Canada. The province extracts oil, raises cattle for beef, and it has a long history of evangelical Christians as political leaders. Its policies are the most conservative in Canada. Albertans pay no sales tax, and the provincial income tax is a flat 10%. And yet, the conservatives who have […]

why occupy toronto?

Occupy Toronto has been going strong for a few weeks now, hosting protest marches on Saturdays and camping out in a park downtown, not far from Bay Street, Toronto’s financial district. Some might ask, why would Canadians want to participate in this movement? Canadian banks were subject to much stricter regulations than their American counterparts, […]

more on handling biased media

Author Chris Hedges does a pretty good take-down of right-wing CBC host Kevin O’Leary here: Just my impression, but it seems like progressives are more and more doing this kind of thing: directly attacking unfair attack journalism instead of either being overly calm or just avoiding the networks.

canada post on strike

Canada Post is on strike. There will be rolling strikes across the country until the union can reach a contract with the crown corporation. It is a tough time to be a union these days. But imagine being the union representing postal workers. They are fighting against the classic union buster: the two-tiered salary structure, […]

canadian sociology new website

I am so excited about the Canadian Sociology Association’s new website that I want to shout it out in all caps. (Don’t worry; I’ll restrain myself.) It is a professionally designed website, with actual information on it! And with images! And a readable font! And thank goodness, once again, for the Wayback Machine, so that […]

best of alternative 2009

It’s time again for the year-in-review lists, and here is my fave of faves, Husband’s 2009 Best of Alternative Music list (iTunes link–should take you to the Canadian store*). I’ve mentioned before that Husband is a long-time list maker, and this was a good year for this genre. I was also going to point out […]

ask a scatterbrain: unethical to assign your own books?

My colleague Neil McLaughlin has a blog post over at Canada’s Academic Matters that argues that it is unethical to require students to buy your own books, or at least to profit from the sale of those books: There are, of course, good pedagogical reasons why a professor might want to assign a book they […]

canadian meeting review

Back from the Canadian Soc meetings, and it was much better than I expected. The Author Meets Critics session I participated in was a unique opportunity to discuss ideas about the role of political institutions in social change and their relationship to social movements. The reception was a nice chance to meet a few new […]

who’s going to the canadian meetings?

The annual meeting of the Canadian Sociological Association is next week. Is anyone scatterplottish planning to attend? I’d love to meet up. This will be my third attempt to penetrate the puzzling structure of the Canadian meetings.

the kind of promotion no money will buy

I’m going out on a limb to declare mine the first sociology course podcast featured by iTunes:

canada in the afterglow of obama visit

President Obama stopped by Ottawa yesterday, making Canada his first foreign visit since taking office. It made us feel all squiggly on the inside. This morning, there are reports that he bought maple leaf cookies and a snow globe. He and Prime Minister Harper discussed trade relations, the economy, and the environment. Apparently, more sensitive […]


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