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anatomy of liberal bias

This morning on NPR I heard a classic NPR-like story. It was a discussion of budget cuts and the potential effect on NOAA (the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration). The story can be found here. As I said, it’s a classic NPR story. The reporting is excellent; the sources are strong; the background is thorough […]


An interesting report came out from William Frey at Brookings. Non-white births are now 49% of all American births. And growth in major cities is now almost entirely made up of minorities (98% of population growth in major cities was due to non-whites). Two good graphs in the report. First, on the racial composition by […]

outta here, in a puff of engine exhaust

Dalhousie professor Danford Middlemiss quit earlier this week, when the line-ups to get a parking pass were too long. “For a guy like myself that lives in Lower Sackville [I presume this is on the east end of the Shire], I have to get on the road around 6:30 to 7 to get an assured […]

what a summer!

Gosh, it’s been quite a summer – five separate trips not including ASA, and major family transitions. We moved to a new house, my kids both started new schools, and I did a lot of policy-related work early in the summer alongside. With all that, I miss scatterplot and my scatterbrained colleagues! I’ve been trying […]

and don’t hit your american sociological society on the door on your way out

We knew ASA Vegas was going to be special, but… has there been an ASA before where part of the aftermath was a story in the hosting city’s local media telling us not to come back? [HT: various] Also, fact-check question: I’ve heard the complaint from various people that ASA Vegas was unusually expensive, especially […]

bingo wars!

Row 3, Column 2 from Kieran’s bingo card this year: “Eyeroll from Chronically Hip Grad Student.” But, let’s face it: eyerolling is such a meatspace maneuver anymore. If a speaker says something out-of-step with standpoint theory nowadays, are they really more likely to be met with an eyeroll, or met with younger scholars’ eyes darting […]

a beautiful method

Steven J. Tepper sent out  a request to various people looking for advice on “particularly good and compelling examples of creative, parsimonious scholarship.” Here’s what he and those who responded came up with. (compiled by Steven Tepper: Thanks to Shaul Kelner, Heather Talley, Karen Campbell, Eszter Hargittai, Terry McDonnell, Charles Kadushin, Kieran Healy, Bruce Barry, […]

ask a scatterbrain: training grads in research ethics

One of the many wonderful sociologists I chatted with in Vegas was Iowa’s Mary Campbell, a loyal scatterplot reader. She asked me to pose a question to you (and I’m hoping in my post-Vegas/ASA/first-week-of-classes haze I remember its essence – if I don’t, I blame Andrew Perrin pushing appletinis at the bloggettogether): Apparently the University […]

leaving las vegas

I just returned from the conference today. We went to the Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon afterward. Also, as promised here earlier on this blog, I left Vegas ahead on roulette, and my partner left ahead on slots. I said I had a system. Not sure how many times certain findings need to replicated before […]

the new apple is so gay

You’ve probably heard that Apple’s iconic CEO Steve Jobs has stepped down due to poor health. You can find lots of analysis about what is going to happen to Apple elsewhere, but let me just add that our own household’s retirement plan now involves a mattress and a shotgun. The new CEO, Tim Cook, is […]

world sociology rankings!

I didn’t know world sociology rankings existed, but I ran across apparently new 2011 results while looking for something else. Normally, I can be relied upon to take a close look at ranking methodologies and opine about them. Today, though, I am rushing to get stuff ready for ASA and these look like they have […]


All the way from the other side of the world, Kieran Healy has managed to pull together another awesome ASA Bingo card. Print it out and play along. This version is updated to include 2011 issues like the Dues Increase, though I was expecting a snarky square for Randall Collins calling out bloggers as Tea […]

but it’s a dry heat…

Great news everyone! Things are really cooling off in Vegas. Today there’s a high of 107. But Sunday and Monday we’re looking at 101, and on Tuesday, the high may only be in the double-digits. What more could you ask for? A cool 99!!! For those of us arrive on Friday (me), I’m sure we’ll […]

clothes make the man

I suppose if this is what some people need to be Part Of The Solution, so be it. I’m glad that nobody appears to have taken the moniker Captain Awkward yet, as that’s mine, although I’ve given no thought as to the accompanying get-up.

creating a reviewer market — a modest proposal

I find myself reviewing a lot. And as I do, I keep thinking, “this must mean that lots of other people aren’t reviewing, because I review far more than 3 times the number of papers I submit.” And so, last night, when hanging out with Jenn Lena and Usher (or at least, being near him), […]


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