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blind no more!

Not that anyone in sociology has ever used google to identify the author(s) of a paper they’re reviewing, but: The American Economic Association has decided to end double-blind reviewing. Going forward, you will know the authors of the paper you are reviewing. The rationale: Upon a joint recommendation of the editors of the American Economic […]

as it happens, we do have a line, and it has been crossed

Wow. That discussion thread is not what we want scatterplot to be. We have closed comments on it and are turning the proverbial page on the whole matter. We have never had to close comments or have a discussion about blog civility before, but here we are. You will not hear us make any appeals […]

hearing voices: can a corporation speak?

The Wall Street Journal carried an op-ed last week by Simpson and Sherman about Stephen Colbert’s difficulties in setting up a PAC post-Citizens United. I wrote a letter to the Journal but (no big surprise) they don’t seem eager to print it, so I am posting it here. It has sociological as well as political […]

fulbright-hays cancelled

The government has eliminated the Fulbright-hays award for next year. This provides money for grad students to study abroad. Almost $6million was expected. Now it’s $0, because of congressional cuts. Sad. Announcement here.

discrimination, briefly

Chris Winship has written a post on orgtheory regarding the amicus brief submitted by ASA in the Walmart case. It should be noted that my colleague and friend Laura Beth Nielsen, who was centrally involved in drafting the brief, has written a response (in collaboration with our department’s graduate students Amy Myrick and Jill Weinberg) […]

kanazawa and racism

A reader kindly pointed me in the direction of an incident in Psychology Today where Satoshi Kanazawa wrote a post asking, “Why Are African American Women Less Physically Attractive Than Other Women?” The post has been taken down, in part because it is staggeringly racist. But it’s not just racist. It represents some of the […]

ask a scatterbrain: geography of hate

A reader writes in, “I’m interested in what the scatterplot quants have to say about this article (and related scatterplots) in the Atlantic: So, what say you to the claim that “America’s racist groups concentrate in certain regions — and their presence correlates with religion, McCain votes, and poverty”? 

ballot presentation of the dues increase

The dues increase is presented on the ASA ballot as being to “restore a modest portion of ASA’s income decline from the continuing economic downturn.” Let’s look: Total ASA revenue in 2009, as listed on that year’s audit report (most recent available): $8.37M* Total ASA revenue in 2007 (audit report): $7.04M (Or $7.43M in 2006) […]

asa election resources

The ASA election begins today, and you have your opportunity to vote for or against the dues increase as well as to elect our next set of leaders. Here are some resources: A list of links discussing the dues increase, A set of responses to requests for more information from the ASA (mostly from Secretary […]

perverse incentives in grading – exhibit a

A student forwarded me this email last week, which s/he received unsolicited from MyEdu, a company that specializes in helping students exploit grade inequality between departments and instructors: res ipsa loquitur.

what is to become of canada?

I’m sure you were all glued to your pirated CBC News broadcast Monday night, watching the election tallies (they come in so fast, Wolf Blitzer wouldn’t have even warmed up his vocal chords before it was all over). And of course, by now you know that the Conservative Party won a majority of seats in […]

religion and institutions

NPR carried two stories on Sunday that go to an interesting juxtaposition between the separate magisteria of religious belief and institutional workings. Each was interesting in its own right; in combination they make for a fascinating comparison because they are so very different.


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