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conflicts of interest

There’s still a lot of protest and politics going on in Wisconsin, although the national attention has turned elsewhere. At least 8 state senators (5 Republican 3 Democrat) will face recall elections. The “collective bargaining bill” and our 6-8% effective pay cuts (by way of deductions for retirement and health insurance) are delayed by a […]

too big to fail

The Chronicle of Higher Education has an article by Jonathan Cole on the NRC rankings debacle that makes a couple of references to sociology. [HT: CP]

further information about the dues increase

ASA has provided three statements about the dues increase: one regarding revenues and expenses; one regarding revenue needs; and comparing dues to AAA and APSA. Honestly? Sure, it is still hard for me to swallow the relationship between our dues and that of other organizations. BUT: however one ultimately assesses the dues increase–and whatever particular […]

everett hughes fieldwork syllabus

There’s a bit of a discussion over at orgtheory on the Venkatesh Slate piece. I suspect I’m going to get hammered for suggesting that the Chicago School didn’t care that much about European theorizing (particularly Park and Simmel — yes, I know Park studied with Simmel in Germany at the turn of the century!). Still […]

of grade reform and deliberation

On Friday, UNC’s faculty council approved legislation that will put into place a series of reforms aimed at increased transparency in grade reporting. I chaired the implementation committee, charged with the details of how last year’s resolution (see discussion here) would be implemented, and I presented the legislation at faculty council on Friday. My first […]

venkatesh on anderson

Sudhir Venkatesh just wrote a review of Elijah Anderson’s new book, The Cosmopolitan Canopy, on Slate. It’s an interesting review. Venkatesh takes the review as an opportunity to suggest that sociology has lost its way. His claim is that we need a new, more flexible approach to socio-analysis. He writes, Having made our hearts race […]

making the big time

The online dues petition hatched here by Ezra & co. was written up as a brief news story in Inside Higher Ed today. For those of you who have not signed, and are interested in doing so, you can find the petition here. One good sign is that Sally Hillsman is quoted as saying “‘it […]

asa council member on the dues increase

I had no plans for further public comment on the ASA dues proposal [petition here], but John Logan, a member of ASA Council, has left a comment on Gabriel’s Code and Culture blog regarding the proposal that is worth highlighting. As you know, it has been emphatically asserted on this blog (and elsewhere) that (a) […]

petition for asa transparency now available

The petition to the ASA requesting an increase in its transparency surrounding the proposed dues increase is available now at Information about the authors of the petition, as well as links to previous blog conversations regarding this proposal, have been assembled here. Feel free to sign if you are so inclined, or to discuss […]

in my inbox

I received the following e-mail this morning.  Does anyone know what this is about?  Or, for that matter, what an “explicative action” is?  Have laser pointers become so powerful now that an instructor casually swinging one around might blind or behead a student? I’m the appointed Laser Safety Officer for the whole University. Please distribute  […]

the subtractions

I’ve been thinking a lot about subtraction lately, and specifically about the issue of the relative contributions of adding to knowledge versus subtracting from “knowledge.” But, on the general topic, a familiar demonstration of the benefits of subtraction has been that Garfield comic strips become more evocative when Garfield‘s dialogue is removed or when Garfield […]

goon squad wins!

Sure, I get why millions of people follow college basketball, but I don’t understand why more people don’t follow March Madness: The Morning News Tournament of Books. Sixteen books going head-to-head in critical review over a three week period for a prize called The Rooster. I was genuinely excited when I woke up to see […]


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