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late monday as it gets colder and uglier in Madison

Although I’ve been sick, my spouse and I decided to go to the 6pm rally for a while. It’s been in the 20s today — not all that bad for here — but it is supposed to get down to 12 overnight. (That’s in Fahrenheit, or -11 for the rest of the world.) It is […]

policing, repression & solidarity

It’s getting tense today in Madison. The Department of Administration (not the Capitol Police) has issued a series of orders that have the effect of not allowing protesters into the Capitol and of making things tough for the few still inside. People who are authorized to enter by a legislator are being escorted in and […]

policing a protest

I thought some of you would enjoy this local color on police-protester relations in Madison. From the article’s conclusion: “Members of the national media who were present to cover the arrests complained that there was no story here. They’re missing the point. The Governor ordered the Capitol closed and everyone in it ejected. Protestors didn’t […]

protest friday

Depending on your preferred news source, the “story” in Wisconsin is the ongoing legislative standoff and/or the building national solidarity movement. Here on the ground, it’s that, yes, but a lot more. From a state worker’s perspective and a social services for the needy perspective, there is no way this can end well, and a […]

what, harvard, no fanfare this time?

Harvard has decided to start admitting applicants early again. Princeton immediately followed. In their announcement about eliminating early applications back in 2006, Harvard spoke of the “fairness” of such a move. The argument was that early admissions is a mechanism for richer people to have an easier time getting into college, either because of financial […]

madison and back to disparities

Quote of the evening (partly paraphrased): “I know you sat around and let Walker get elected. You-all didn’t think Walker was going to hurt YOU-all, just us Black and Brown and poor people.” This seemed fitting, as I’ve been party to many political conversations about the narrowing of the protest to the collective bargaining issue.

hitting close to home from 925 miles away

As I watch the protests from Madison (and get updates from our very own on-the-ground correspondent), I am amazed at the resolution and determination of the protestors. In no small part because watching what is happening in Madison affects good friends dearly and gives the rest of us pause to think about what kind of […]

protest food & supplies

If you are following this story, you may have read that people from all around the world have been ordering pizza for the protesters; one pizza firm has now stopped doing any other business. But at least the grad students in the TAA are getting tired of pizza and have finally found the time to […]

wisconsin governor taking a page from china and egypt

My Facebook feed tells me that the public wireless network at the Capitol is now blocking access to at least one of the protest coordination web sites.

wisconsin nice

I thought some of you who are studying repression and such might enjoy this local news report (source: ): MADISON, Wis. — Madison police estimated that crowds on the Capitol Square peaked at about 60,000 people. That’s not much less than a Wisconsin Badgers football game at Camp Randall, but police reported that despite […]

madison saturday mini-update

My spouse and I were downtown this morning for part 1 of today’s events but couldn’t spend the day. We decided to do our part to inflate the pro-union crowd before the pro-Walker rally and then head home. Given what we saw as we left, I think it will have gotten a lot bigger after […]

madison friday 2

Here are some more notes from Friday’s Madison rally. I spent longer writing this, so it is longer. I think I’ll re-arrange out of chronological order to include the part of the most general interest first. The minority of you with a taste for my more personal musings can skip to the end, where I […]

madison snippets

I just happened to be inside the Capitol when Jesse Jackson showed up. It was a pretty amazing site to see him leading an overwhlemingly (but not exclusively) White crowd singing “We Shall Overcome” and reminding them that King supported workers’ rights. It’s a huge crowd, a lovely day by our standards (sunny and in […]

madison protests update

I’m back from a few hours at the Madison protest and the midday rally. The galvanizing issue for the protest is to strip public unions of collective bargaining rights over anything but salary. There is a report that the “budget crisis” is a sham, in that the budget was left in fairly good shape by […]

madison day 4

I may post later about feeling like Obama, dithering around, in my case about how to handle class cancellation in the face of the flow of events. Madison finally made the national news after 30,000 protesters were out yesterday. Today Milwaukee public schools have also closed many Wisconsin school districts in southern Wisconsin have closed […]


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