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a fail too big to prosecute

It seems that Wal-Mart’s lawyers are not arguing that they should be immune from lawsuits for the now-mundane reason that they are “too big to fail” but that they made a fail too big to prosecute (h/t newser). In the continuing saga of its epic gender-discrimination suit, the corporation is asking the Supreme Court to […]

higher education bubble?

Consumers owe more on student loans than they do on credit cards. That’s a lot of money. We’re talking $850 billion. And while loan debt is “good debt” — it also is subject to conditions that make it largely inescapable even in dire situations. Will higher ed have to be restructured as these debt loads […]

whose voice matters?

From report by By Steve Rendall and Zachary Tomanelli at  Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting : FAIR’s study examined every episode of After Words from March 2008 to January 2010, and the reviews of politically themed books in the New York Times Book Review from January 2009 to February 2010. In total, the study counted […]

technical notes for co-authoring

I am writing up a set of instructions for my student co-authors on how to work together on a shared Word document. My own graduate education had abundant training in the word processing arts (owing to a 2nd job I had to take to make ends meet), but I find that not every graduate student […]

someone at the asa has a sense of humor

I found this earlier today while browsing the program for this year’s ASA Annual Meeting: Right there on page 190: Special Session. Post-Racial America?- CANCELLED Well done, conference organizers. Well done, indeed.

access code

So by now hopefully you all know this, but in case you are a late arrival or are insufficiently networked, the code for access to the ASA wireless in the conference areas is 04DAE4. It was being handed out on little slips of paper.

telling both sides vs. fact checking

On our local public radio station this afternoon, state capital reporter Laura Leslie had this to say about the National Organization for Marriage‘s rally in Raleigh today: NOM president Brian Brown… says heterosexuals are losing their civil rights. That was the final sentence in the story. The complete story is here. UPDATE: There’s a much […]

asa roundup

I’m sure you’re all very busy selecting outfits and putting the finishing touches on your presentations, but I wanted to remind you that the scatterplot baseball game is this Friday, Aug 13 at 7:30pm: Braves vs. Dodgers. We’ll be in Section 402, Row 14; if you aren’t in our block, buy a single ticket in […]

what should we do about this?

I have a new piece in GOOD (one that didn’t get rejected for being critical of their sponsor!). And now I’m starting to get emails asking, “so, what is to be done?” I get this question a lot, particularly in classrooms. In a recent interview on inequality by Channel Arte, I’m pretty sure I pissed […]

same-sex marriage and the courts

I am, of course, thoroughly delighted with the California federal court’s decision overturning Prop. 8 as unconstitutional under the due process and equal protection clauses, doubly so because the judge, Vaughn Walker, is a card-carrying conservative. I am also thoroughly delighted with the Massachusetts federal court’s ruling the DOMA is unconstitutional on grounds of states’ […]

index: done!

Earlier I asked for advice about indexing. I decided to do it myself. Here’s what I learned: 1.) This is tedious work. 2.) It takes about 2 days, and has two parts.

stratification and religion conference

Posted on behalf of a reader– Bringing Stratification Processes “Back In” to the Scientific Study of Religion A Penn State Stratification and Social Change Conference Nittany Lion Inn on the Penn State Campus May 20 – 21, 2011


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