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average salaries at 4-year institutions

From the Chronicle of Higher Ed: average salaries by rank and area.

congressional briefing on culture and poverty

Some folks might be interested in the “Issue on Reconsidering Culture and Poverty” in the Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, edited by David Harding, Michele Lamont and Mario Small. In addition to the issue, there are podcasts available from the Congressional Briefing this May.

women in the hockey hall of fame

It seems like just a short time ago when the winter Olympics added women’s hockey to its roster, but it turns out that was 12 years ago now. Women had already been playing high-level international hockey for years then (and, of course, at the college level for much longer), but the Women’s World Hockey Championship […]

the sequel is never as good as the original, but…

Monopoly has taken over my life. I could never have predicted what a 21-second game of Monopoly has spawned. A few tidbits for you about our “shortest” game:

annals of academic life: teaching and research

The Tomorrow’s Professor blog has an interesting, if fairly obvious, article claiming that by emphasizing research productivity major universities compromise their teaching mission. The reason is that contemporary research (the author claims) is so esoteric as to be all but irrelevant to classroom issues, and that “pedagogical experts” are better at teaching than are actively-producing […]

ask a scatterbrain: leave

I’m on leave this fall. I’m excited. The first book is done and I’m starting a couple new projects. As both of these involve New York, I’m staying in the city. And so I have some questions about managing a leave while staying near my university. How strictly do I limit my contact with my […]

bender, the new metaphysicals

The Immanent Frame asked me to participate in a discussion/forum on Courtney Bender’s great new book, The New Metaphysicals. The book, like the discussion, is really interesting and a fun read on its own. Also interesting, from a disciplinary-boundary sort of perspective, is the way in which this portion of the study of religion transcends […]

over the 100k mark

As a blogger, you sooner or later experience the feeling that your readers and/or the whole world are a bit nuts. Case in point: The monopoly post just went over 100,000 hits. Is this REALLY that interesting to so many people? Side bar: I’m being interviewed about it by a radio program in NEW ZEALAND […]

stepping carefully

Yesterday I had an email exchange with a local conservative politician & blogger. I realized I was concerned to be careful not to say anything that could be pulled out of context. He originally asked (in less than polite language) a not-unreasonable question about whether statements about incarceration rates considered arrest rates, so I sent […]

does anyone from the asa read scatterplot?

So, I’m looking into booking my trip to ASA. For me to book through travelocity right now, a flight into atlanta and stay at the conference hotel for 3 nights it costs $637. For me to book through the ASA, it costs $617.55 for the hotel. What are the chances I’ll get a flight for […]

that smoking article

Did y’all see this article in Contexts: “In Defense of Smokers,” Contexts Summer 2009 What a truly bizarre argument, presented apparently without irony (intentionally at least). The article assumes, without demonstrating in any way, that the evidence that smoking causes health problems is incorrect or trumped up; it then goes on to call upon sociologists […]

scatterplot: npr, 4pm today!!!

Our own Dan Myers will be on NPR’s all things considered at 4PM today!!! To discuss what else? Monopoly. Take that, orgtheory!!! I got a call today from the folks at NPR this AM. Not sure why they found me. Perhaps I’m the only one in my office. I guided them in Dan’s direction. I’m […]

guilt and defense

I am delighted to announce the release of the first of two volumes of Frankfurt School work on public opinion and postwar Germany, translated, edited, and introduced by Jeffrey K. Olick and myself!

further adventures in public sociology

So I recently decided to move beyond the college newspaper and try writing a series on elite education for GOOD magazine. I have a few articles drafted, which will come out in the months to come. And it’s been interesting trying to say something in 800 words that is both social science-like without being social […]

good grief

For those of you who do not have admin privileges, Blue Monster’s Monopoly post just went viral. Over 35,000 hits today. I guess we know what matters. *Addendum by Tina: to give you some perspective, our blog stat chart got rescaled:


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