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the down low on torture from up north

I know that most of what passes for news in Canada is pretty tame stuff. It’s mostly of the “how many Canadians were involved in that global tragedy?” variety. But this one is serious, worth the world’s attention–especially the United States. It has been unraveling for quite some time now, and it is just coming […]

grading standard

I’m pulling this out of Andrew’s grading policy thread because I’m interested in responses to a very specific question (although the question is relevant to his thread). It is this: What is an A? If I can find nothing wrong with a student paper, they did everything I asked them to do, they worked hard, […]

i hear he will kiss your baby

Kieran Healy is begging for votes in his bid to rule the world sit on the Publications Committee for the ASA. I, for one, support his platform to publish the work of junior associate scholars of sexualities and social movements in ASR. Anyone else looking for bloggerly love in the ASA election? If we can […]

asa ballots

American Sociological Association ballots are now out. I’ve posted my ballots some times in the past, but will refrain from doing so this year. The blogging community may wish to note, however, the presence of Kieran Healy on the ballot for committee on publications. Rumor is that our generous pals over at orgtheory are promising […]

speaking truth

We went to a celebration last night of the 81st birthday and retirement-of-sorts of a nun who is a professor of sociology and criminal justice and a social justice activist, who has spent her life working for justice with a special concern for incarcerated women.  He couldn’t stay for dinner, but the Governor (who knew […]

more on grading policy

I’ve written before about my work through EPC on grading policy. After a year’s worth of consideration, we are presenting a resolution tomorrow for UNC to report grade distributions on transcripts for each class, and to report grade patterns to faculty each semester. Two colleagues wrote me a detailed and thoughtful message about the proposal, […]

we said, ‘send cash,’ not ‘ash’

I’m in London. It’s lovely here — the weather is beautiful. Which is good because I might be here a while. If things keep up with this volcano — and I suspect they will — I have no real chance of leaving any time soon. This is a very odd position to be in. There […]

article equivalents

I went to a reception yesterday for outstanding women of color at the university. This was a lovely event except that we all had to stand for an hour of awards presentations and keynote. The award winners had all done jaw-dropping amounts of service. The keynoter was a Native American professor whose first career was […]

ask a scatterbrain: reviewing bad manuscripts

A reader asks: I have been asked to review an article that is within my area of expertise. I have reviewed for this journal before. This manuscript is so bad that it is nearly unreadable; I suspect that it was written by someone in another discipline (economics) whose first language is not English. It is […]

real or fictional public opinion stories?

All right scatterbrains, I need your help. I am preparing a fairly major talk and I’d like to use a couple of examples I’ve heard of anecdotally but am not sure they actually exist. I’ve had no luck with “the Google” in finding them either way. So I ask you: have you heard of these, […]

unlocking iphone?

I figure there are some folks here who might have experience unlocking their iphones. I’m traveling abroad. Anyone have any experience unlocking their phone? Is it worth it? I know it will void my warranty, but I have the old 3g phone and my warranty has expired anyway. Or should I just buy one of […]

outsourcing grading

The New York Times links to a story from the Chronicle of Higher Ed about a professor of business law and ethics at the University of Houston who felt that her TAs were overburdened with essays to grade, and therefore decided to outsource grading to a firm called EduMetry. EduMetry assessors in India, Singapore, Malaysia, […]

ATL confidential

Okay, so, here’s the thing: we’re going to Atlanta for the ASAs this year. We all know that. And, as with any ASA, there are all kinds of reasons either to go or not to go. I get that. Heck, I often look for good excuses to skip the ASAs. The thing is, though, why […]

langauge log on evolutionary psyc

OK, I don’t agree with some of this but it’s pretty funny!

morality and markets

Somewhere recently I was reading about moral markets (e.g., making purchase decisions for moral reasons. ) Sadly now I can’t remember where that was…. but nevertheless I was thinking of it when I received an email from the Coalition of Imokalee Workers (CIW) juxtaposing the behaviors of Aramark and Publix with regard to the CIW’s […]


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