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student surveys, quick and easy

Beth Duckles has a nifty thought on collecting data from students (for polls, feedback, etc.): using Google forms to collect the responses, then saving them as a spreadsheet to import into your favorite statistical package to analyze. Very useful, indeed.

How I Spent My Saturday Morning

roundtable 2

I thought I’d toss this out for discussion. A young sociologist I know submitted a newly-written unpublished paper to ASA. After a long delay it was eventually accepted to a roundtable. In the meantime, the sociologist sent the paper for review to a non-US on-line specialty journal, expecting the usual review/publication delays. To the person’s […]


Sociology confession: I have never attended a roundtable session at ASA. A student asked me today how common it is for the audience for roundtable presentations are just the other presenters. I don’t know the answer. 20%? 50%? 80%? Anybody have an informed guess?

the new asa website

My browser (Firefox) has a feature that is usually very useful. When I search for a journal article on the web (i.e., not through a library subscription search engine), it bumps me over to my library’s login page, so that I can view the article through their subscription. I don’t know how this works, but […]

ask a scatterbrain: advanced social theory

OK, it’s time to order books for the fall (zoinks!). I’m really excited about my graduate seminar in the fall, Advanced Social Theory, the first time we’ve been able to offer an advanced (meaning beyond one single semester!) social theory graduate course in the 9 years I’ve been here. I offered three general ideas for […]


It’s strange how many manuscripts one sees in which the worst written paragraph of the whole thing is the abstract. Granted, when I finish papers, I’m usually so sick of the thing that writing the abstract requires finding and tapping a whole new reservoir of will, but: if a paper is published, it will be […]

asa baseball 2010: braves vs. dodgers

Is anyone excited about the Atlanta ASA meeting yet? Let me try to get things started with an invitation to join us bloggerly types at a good old-fashioned National League baseball game: Friday, August 13 at 7:35pm Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Atlanta Braves I wasn’t able to make the game last year, but from what […]

quiz feature

Can you spot any problems with this logic? People argue about how important “socialization” versus “biology” is for causing shyness. Well, evidence is abundant that children who exhibit shy behaviors grow up to report higher levels of shyness on questionnaires as adults. Therefore, socialization is more important than biology. Sociology wins! OK, if you see […]

technical support

The scatterplot banner seems to have gone bad — the link is still there but the scatterplot logo has disappeared. Let us know if you know how to fix this.


After presenting lots of statistics about racial disparities in criminal justice, I showed my class the videos from ABC News What Would You Do? in which first White and than Black youths vandalize a car in a public parking lot. There is only one 911 call on the White boys, but ten on the Black […]

neocon mag on a neocon columnist

Just a quick shout out – what happens when a neoconservative magazine reviews the work of a neoconservative commentator? Find out here.

evolutionary sociology skepticism poll

Yo, OrgTheory: I see your poll and I raise you…

a bold look for a bold journal

So, like many of you, I recently received the latest issue of the American Sociological Review. This is evidently the first issue to ship from the new editorship and I’m pleased to see that a number of interesting-looking articles are in it. At the same time, I was somewhat surprised by the new look: That’s […]

glenn beck attacks you

A well-done viral video, I thought, targeted to the viewer:


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