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things i am thankful for

582. That the Sociology Rumor Mill site did not exist when I was on job market.

in which i disagree in principle, but am not at all upset in this particular case

Rupert Murdoch is in talks with Microsoft to remove his news content from Google. See here. I really dislike this move (where Microsoft pays Murdoch, or others, to only use their search engine). Then again, as a Google user I can’t say I mind Murdoch’s “news” no longer being part of my search results. I […]

Irv Piliavin

Irv Piliavin passed away November 19 at age 81 of cancer. Irv was an emeritus professor of social work and sociology at the University of Wisconsin. Because I knew him best as the husband of my beloved colleague Jane Piliavin, I am linking to celebrations of his career by two of his former students, Brad […]

of fads, fashions, and hamsters

The “got to have” toy this holiday season is the Zhu Zhu Hamster.   I started hearing about them from a friend’s kids last week.  They move around randomly all over the floor, make little clicking chatty noises, and -best of all – don’t require cleanup.   They’re also cheap at $8, IF you can find them […]

so far, so good…

Unexpectedly, my wife and I lucked into receiving H1N1 vaccines yesterday. I say “lucked into” because it was pretty much exactly that- we were receiving treatment for an unrelated issue, got to talking with the professionals and discovered that they had both doses and the inclination to use them. The purpose of this post is […]

happy birthday, scatterplot!

We turn 2 today!

i’m off to long beach

If you’re going to SSHA too, say hi!

my jaw dropped

I study racial disparities in criminal justice, but this still completely blew me away. I started clicking around and have ended up collecting links to a large number of quite amazing videos of racial interactions that would be great discussion-starters in class. The two segments that just make my jaw drop were broadcast last February […]


I’m scheduled to teach intro to sociology next term for the first time in 30 years. It will be a small (15-20 students)  honors section (targeting freshmen), so I’m thinking of centering the course around sociology’s most important ideas (rather than the “little bit of everything” approach) and the  reading on 4-6 good books interspersed […]

update: coburn amendment to defund political science

The APSA sent out an email today bringing our attention to the Coburn amendment to strike the NSF budget for political science because, well, who needs them anyway? It turns out that the amendment was defeated on November 5, by a vote of 36-62.

should yankee-haters vote republican?

Shakha posted the other day about how he hates the Yankees. I hate them too. And today I see Ari Fleischer’s op-ed in the NYT lamenting (since he’s a Republican) that the Yankees haven’t won under a Republican since Eisenhower. In fact, going back to the depression, they’ve got 3 “World” (aka the US) Series wins under […]

self improvement

A while ago I noted that I had not read many of the “famous” articles in sociology. I knew what was in them; many I had skimmed. But I hadn’t actually taken the time to seriously read them myself (you know, taking notes on them, thinking about them, etc.). So I decided to correct this. […]

judith stacey is in town

NYU sociologist Judith Stacey is McMaster’s 2009 H. L. Hooker Distinguished Visiting Professor, a position locally referred to as “The Hooker.” Every year, The Hooker delivers two lectures and meets with graduate students in relevant departments. We are very honoured to have Dr. Stacey here this week, and yesterday’s lecture on the alternative family structure […]

i hate the yankees

I’m irrationally partisan. Red Sox fan here. I love living in NYC. But tonight… well… ugh. I’d rather be anywhere else.

levi-strauss is dead

Obituary here. This is going to make me sound like a terrible person. But I didn’t know he was still alive. So the hugeness of the news is somewhat lost on me.


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