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dude, come on!

Sometimes people don’t even try to hide it. Although you have to admire his ingenuity. This over the AP: NEWARK, Ohio (AP) — Authorities in Ohio say a man has been charged with drunken driving after crashing his motorized bar stool.

advice you never asked for: volume 1

I often find that people don’t ask me for advice. This is a good thing as I don’t know anything. Still, it means that in order to provide people with advice, I have to give it unsolicited. As you might expect, this works hand-in-glove with blogging which, after all, is a pass time for people […]

my issue with the bailout

So I’ve been reading up a lot on the financial crisis. Along with a great group of grad students, my colleagues Josh Whitford, Sudhir Venkatesh, and I have been dedicating a couple hours every other Friday to read through and make sense of what’s going on. Yesterday word just came down that GM’s CEO has […]

i like science, but this is just mean

Scientists in Northern Ireland conducted a study that suggests that shellfish feel pain. They gave electric shocks to hermit crabs to see if they would react, and they did, grooming their abdomens and leaving their old shells for new ones. Next up, a study of whether ants can survive in the presence of maginfied sunlight.

little red riding hood

Retold as an infographic. (h/t Husband)

challenge the scatterbrains

So during our visit day a prospective student and scatterplot reader proposed a challenge to our fellow sociologists. I won’t out said person here unless they want to reveal themselves. But here’s the idea: sociology posts on wikipedia are enormously popular (thousands of visits a day) but tend to be quite terrible. So, folks should […]

fouls as resources in basketball

This one is in honor of March Madness, even though I am now officially in last place in both brackets I filled out. Oy, vey! A common scene in the first half of a college basketball game: a player is called for his third foul and, in the words of the announcer, “he’ll rush to […]

baseball at the asa

Going to a baseball game at the ASA with people you’ve never met in person is a longstanding bloggerly tradition, almost as longstanding as drinking together, but not quite. This year, as the ASA is in San Francisco, Brayden and I are particularly excited to see our beloved Giants in our beloved Pac Bell AT&T […]

data cleaning

I’ve been swallowed up lately in trying to finish a long-overdue project.  Not being particularly sane in some ways, I keep bringing new data into the project. This has led to hours of time spent in cleaning up messes in data sets that have been the basis for other people’s publications, as well as messes […]

maybe they should trade

Recently I was perusing the Sheboygan Press* and ran across an article that I thought y’all might find interesting. It is a rather intriguing tale of unequal treatment under the law based on the sex of the defendant. But, fortunately for us jaded social scientists, there’s a twist:

what does science look like?

This: In this really cool article by Bollen et al. in PLoS ONE we get a map of the connections between disciplines by seeing how folks click through journals. As they put it:

i didn’t know there was going to be a bikini wax ban

So apparently the state of New Jersey was going to ban “Brazilian” bikini waxes after two women were hospitalized because of infections after the procedure. But the bill was pulled. In my brief on-line searching on this I found two great lines. One from a fellow academic blogger, “Mammals have hair. Get used to it.” […]

again, i point you to progpak

Okay, so I know you all might not share my love or interest in this blog (or the movement in Pakistan). But some great journalism is happening on this and other blogs. In “A Primer for the New York Times” on the recent movement, progpak outlines a problem with journalism, one I hadn’t thought of […]

goodbye, dad

I am out at my parents’ house in California this week, working through some tough times again. My father’s battle with Alzheimer’s came to an end, and as usual, Alzheimer’s won. Memorial services for my dad will be tomorrow. I am so thankful that I arrived in time to see my dad one last time, […]

sadly, he actually exists

Given my ongoing and rather crippling addiction to Conservapedia, none of you will be surprised to learn of my trepidation at the launch of the new Conservapedia YouTube Channel. Now, not only can you read utter madness- you can get a full A/V version of it. And you thought Pauly Shore movies were bad. Since […]


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