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annals of highly specific yet ambivalent ambition

I was just invited to join a group of Facebook called “I bet I can find 12+ ppl who want Michael Bérubé to join/notjoin FaceBook.”

i guess i’ll just go in the aisle, then…

Maybe bathrooms will be an option on flights. Like peanuts, you’d have to pay for them.

maybe if one of them was at our campus in qatar and i didn’t mind a twice-weekly interhemispheral commute…

Registration for Spring quarter classes has begun here at Northwestern. I am scheduled to teach an undergraduate and graduate course, meeting at Tuesday/Thursday 3:30pm and Tuesday/Thursday 3:30pm, respectively. This is a problem.

23 and me

I’ve talked about sending away for this for awhile.  Finally I did:

further symptoms of the financial apocalypse

From Northwestern’s homepage: Undergraduate tuition will increase 3.6 percent to $38,088 for the 2009-2010 academic year from the current year’s $36,756. The 3.6 percent increase is the lowest percentage increase in more than 40 years, since 1967, when Northwestern did not raise tuition. I’m surprised that a 3.6% increase would be the 40-year minimum. Another […]

according to the LATimes, this is front page news

“The most rigorous test of several popular diet strategies has found that any diet low in calories and saturated fats and that an individual can stick with for a lifetime is best.” Is anyone surprised? I mean… I don’t know. This is a profound finding? All bacon all the time isn’t going to work? Let […]

ask a scatterbrain: have you known someone who…

A reader asks for help finding a particular sort of survey data: Specifically, I need datasets that ask respondents whether they have experienced X thing and also ask whether they know someone who has experienced X thing. So, for example: Q1: Have you ever been abducted by aliens? Q2: Do you know anyone who has […]

scatterplot is dead! long live scatterplot!

an open letter from drek the uninteresting

Hi. Most of you know me already, but for the rest of you, I’m Drek the Uninteresting. I’ve been a contributor here at Scatterplot for a few months now but am a long-time blogger over at my usual hangout, Total Drek. During my lengthy term on the old interwebs I found a niche in showcasing […]


All the office doors is sociology got a special new addition under our nameplates: Hmm. I suppose I will refrain from expressing here any opinion about our door aesthetics. Update: That said, I might have just placed an order in the past few minutes with

an example of where dissent gets a person in sociology

From the Skinny Malinky: I haven’t quite been able to wrap my head around the conversation about racism over at scatterplot. One thought I’ve had is that the pain inflicted by the cartoon under question, the pain of viewing the cartoon for people who know that monkey means them, has gone largely unacknowledged by those […]

corn with a side of repression.

As long as we’re talking about oppression based on nominal parameters, this just seemed appropriate to bring up: Pretty much work-safe, but watch on a break. It’s pretty funny. Note, in particular, that “Brother” does his homework while “Daughter” helps mom with dinner and dreams of a world where her sex doesn’t determine her destiny.


“On the show he’s some CIA agent. Except really he’s more like an interpol agent. Because he travels through time.”

truth in naming

At the moment, when we have time, my wife and I are using netflix to work our way through the first season of The Tudors, a television series about- you guessed it- the Tudor monarchs, starting with Henry VIII. While we haven’t finished the season we’ve come to the conclusion that it is somewhat misnamed, […]

canada in the afterglow of obama visit

President Obama stopped by Ottawa yesterday, making Canada his first foreign visit since taking office. It made us feel all squiggly on the inside. This morning, there are reports that he bought maple leaf cookies and a snow globe. He and Prime Minister Harper discussed trade relations, the economy, and the environment. Apparently, more sensitive […]


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