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wrap it up, people

End of the year means lots of lists and other reminiscences. Here are just a few: Amazing astronomy photos. Canada has numbskulls, too. Wil Wheaton sums up 2008. What is the What identifies eligible bachelors. (not an end of year list but still awesome) The year in bad science (fyi, my finger grew back without […]

sociology news

Three things from the ASA Council Highlights published in Footnotes: 1. “Approved two new sections-in-formation: Sociology of Altruism and Social Solidarity, and Sociology of Body and Embodiment” 2. “2009 Dues: Approved a 4.9% cost of living increase.” [Organizational dues have a "cost of living" increase. Besides which, the inflation rate for 2007 was only like […]

ever been to switzerland?

Just as the new year begins I’m off to Zurich for eye surgery. The hope is that I won’t need corneal transplants after this procedure. I’ll be there for a while, and will have some free time on my hands. My parents, brother, and friends are going to stay with me/help as I recover (I’ve […]

isn’t it about time for another mario kart party?

No, not yet. You are still on winter break, after all, and then you have to get something in for the ASA. I know! Why not reward ourselves for our good work just after the ASA deadline, say Friday, January 16? Or is that American 3-day weekend going to get in our way? Probably. Okay, […]

right-side-up again

Back from Australia. It’s true that you get to ride in the front seat of taxis and they say “no worries” a lot. I looked at the Soc Shrine this evening for the first time in a few decades, and they keep making these references to something they call “The Australian” (1, 2, 3, etc.). […]

new year’s eve

Husband says that each holiday is my favorite, and there is some truth to that (except you, Valentine’s Day–drop dead!). But I especially like the New Year’s holiday, with all its promise to mark the passing of time, remember the good stuff and/or hope for a fresh start. I would love to celebrate, but do […]

maybe i’m just jealous that my subjects don’t pay me hundreds of thousands to research them

I’ve been reading up on the pharmaceutical industry. First a series of books and now some review articles and literature. As I’ve had more contact with the medical profession, I’ve become more interested it’s inner workings. And for the most part, they are pretty shameful. I’m not speaking here about the everyday practice of medicine, […]


if you want to buy me anything, this is what i want.

merry christmas!

Or as my mom would say, “Happy Christmas.” All are home in the Khan/O’Malley abode. This year we skipped the normal tradition of decorating the tree on Christmas eve (it was done before we arrived). We also skipped the drinking of port while decorating. And I think there are fewer sore heads this morning because […]

i just got tenure

Can you believe it? I didn’t believe it. Not when my chair told me the department’s recommendation was strong. Not when they said my external letters were great (thank you, letter writers, whoever you are!). Not even when I got notice that the university’s senate appointments committee was recommending me for tenure. No, I wanted […]

a gift for you all

I’ve been given posting privileges, and so figured that my first post should be a holiday-themed, food-related,  gift to you all: Don’t know what to get for that last elusive name on your holiday shopping list?  Why not get them Burger King’s new Flame – burger scented body spray? It’s not a hoax – they’re […]

how long are you on vacation?

That was the question my mom kept asking me last week. She imagined that I’m off work for weeks on end. I didn’t do much to set her straight with my awkward answer of, well, I’m really just sneaking away, keeping in touch with email, reading students’ papers and typing up feedback, I’ll have to […]

vacation wrap-up: heading home

I’m sitting in the dark in our hotel room, as I have done every night this week. Kid’s bedtime is 8pm, and what is there to do besides sit quietly and read? I hadn’t even figured out that he can fall asleep with the computer glow on until last night. Before that, I was reading […]

my final disappointment

So Obama his picked Rick Warren to give the invocation at the inauguration. For those of you who don’t know him, Mr. Warren is the pastor of one of the largest mega-churches in the land. Depending on who you talk to, he’s either been called the next Billy Graham, or a new James Dobson. Mr. […]

pregnancy update: no news

The fertility clinic is a lovely place. Everyone is so cheery and confident about Getting You Pregnant. The resident takes all of your information cheerfully, and then the doctor comes in. Last time, we needed Clomid and IUI to get pregnant. We’d like to do that again. Well, at your age, I suggest we go […]


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