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the busy times

December is the season of failure for academic women. Writing deadlines succumb to deadlines to order next semester’s books, write the final exams, and alas, grade. Students whom you have encouraged to meet with you all semester suddenly take you up on it. Coffee dates “before the semester ends” emerge out of nowhere. And holiday […]

if not thankful, glad

It’s not Thanksgiving up here, and perhaps that’s for the best. I was so sick with a stomach virus that I had to cancel my undergrad class on Thursday, although my grad class could carry on without me. I have been various degrees of horizontal since Wednesday, and every time I feel better, I eat […]

in addition to board games for all ages…

…the world needs more board games whose names can provoke a juvenile snort in people of all ages.


Econ Journal Watch is running a call for papers for one of the more intriguing journal symposium ideas I’ve seen: basically, ‘fess up to things you do in your work that you don’t really believe in.  [HT: JB] Some examples they proffer to get the confessional creative juices flowing: Building models one does not really […]

bleg! bleg! bleg!

You talked me into getting an iPhone. (Not you, Eszter. You!) Now I want to be able to synchronize my calendar with the computer on my desktop and synchronize my iTunes with my laptop. I want to do this because I keep all my appointments synced with Outlook on my desktop, but I can’t actually […]

best of alternative 2008

Way back in 2003, before Kid was Kid, Husband made a list of the best songs of 2003 (I had to go to the Wayback Machine to fish out this link. Five years in Internet Time is like 500 years in real life). If you scroll down through the comments, you’ll see that he put […]

the gift for the person who has everything

You do not want to read the rest of this post. No, really, you don’t. I’ve provided it for you not to read so that you can forever enjoy the pleasure of a mystery. You will lose this pleasure if you read the post. That is not satisfying. This post is not like Candyboots. Okay, […]

the president-elect has game

The Chicago Tribune has a column on Barack Obama as a basketball player. But Obama, to borrow a playground term, is a “baller”—a player, even at age 47, of a populist, sweat-inducing, real sport and the possessor, to judge from the video of him in action, of no small amount of game. (He played Sunday […]

a law professor asks a scatterbrain

No, a real law professor, i.e., not-wannabe. Neil H. Buchanan asks “how quickly can norms change?”  The post is really great and worth a read.

how about some leadership on executive compensation?

I have to say that I’m pretty outraged. We’re all hearing about the tough economic times ahead. How we shouldn’t expect any raises next year. How we can’t hire new faculty to replace old ones. And then, I see this. That the median compensation for University presidents is going up 7.6%. My president made $1,411,894 […]

the path to parenthood, or not

I am at a crossroads. On the one hand, my spouse and I are excited to begin the preparations for having a second child. We really like our first one, and we’re just about coming up for air now that he is getting close to school age. He wants a sibling, and we always wanted […]

what would you wear with this?

I don’t know. I guess I ijust never thought of Timberlands as formal wear. I guess I really am a bourgeois snob after all.

i want to know what makes you tick, barnes and noble lurker dude

From Seattle. I don’t read Craigslist missed connections anymore, but I still like having them forwarded to me from time to time. Completely unrelated: this had me laughing out loud for upwards of a minute, proving how if you’ve got an English accent you are already well over halfway to being funny.

sociology’s newest blogger…

Julie Goodman, of Brandeis University, makes her blogging debut here. 

boing boing!

My secret hobby project gets mentioned on Boing Boing! (The post is about the game that finished third in the competition, Everybody Dies, which was my own favorite of the other entries I played.)


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