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is cultural sociology doomed?

The generally quite good culture miniconference today at the HBS (by the way, that is one heck of a facility) was marred by far too much hand-wringing about how cultural sociology is not taken seriously, not paid attention to, the “ugly stepsister” (someone else’s words, pregnant as they are with sexism) of sociology, and so […]


1. I bought new shoes. They look a lot like the two right shoes I already brought to Boston. 2. I have the Scatterplot ribbons. They sparkle. 3. I’ve set aside my bitterness at being thwarted in my efforts to get people to mass twittercast ASA last year, and I am all set up to […]

scatterplot party: thursday 7pm-late at city-bar in lenox hotel

Don’t forget. Here’s a map. Here’s more info. Scatterplot ribbons for everyone! Final reminder to professors–try to find a grad student, a new prof, or a Drek, and buy her/him a drink. That is a formal scatterplot norm.

be your favorite sociologist!

I haven’t looked at the ASA messaging service yet. But, in my inbox yesterday already: You have received an Electronic Postcard. To: jeremyfreese[at]gmail From: jfreese[at]northwestern Subject: ASA 2009: Thanks to ASA, I am You So, yeah, change your password. I’m looking forward to seeing you. –Cruella The postcard did have a nice photo of the […]

public sociology in farmtown (4): white supremacy

It is important to place this discussion in the context of the whole conference, so it you are new to this series, please check out the previous post.  For a quick recap, I’m writing about a two-day conference on racial disparities in incarceration and education at a university in a rural area I call Farmtown.  […]

all right

As I was getting ready for the dinner for the miniconference I’m attending tonight, I took my dress shoes out of my suitcase and put them on. My left foot was uncomfortable. I looked down and saw that I had put my right shoe on my left foot. Except my right shoe was also on […]

oh, don’t forget

I just had a panic, thinking that I had forgotten to order the awards plaques for sexualities section awards. It turns out that I hadn’t forgotten that. I had forgotten that we agreed that a different section officer would do it, starting this year. Whew! Tonight, I’ll probably have that dream where I’ve forgotten my […]

me, annoyed

the ribbons read up, instead of down. i am annoyed. and frustrated. See?

AIDS is a black disease

Or at least so suggests a new report. Some things I didn’t know: About half of the just over 1 million Americans living with HIV or AIDS are Black AIDS is the leading cause of death among Black women between ages 25 and 34 It’s the second-leading cause of death in Black men 35-44. In […]

are we blogging asa?

If so, how? I’m just curious if we’re going to have teams of bloggers out there, reporting back nightly. And if so, is anything off the record? You know, what happens at ASA stays at ASA. Are people going to be afraid of talking to us? We’ll have ribbons (RIBBONS!) that could serve as an […]

join my university!

I’m already in Boston (or, at least, Cambridge). When I arrived last night, I saw they already have the banner for the American Sociological Association meetings hanging over the luggage claim. Speaking of which: Eszter asked me to pass along that the Communication Studies Department of the School of Communication at Northwestern is likely to […]

public sociology in farmtown (3): getting information

My in-house editorial advisor says he likes the longer posts better, that the shorter posts seem like wind-up and no pitch, so I’m going to do this in somewhat bigger lumps.  To recap posts 1 and 2, I’m writing about a conference of 35-45 participants on racial disparities in incarceration and education being put on […]

religion and science

My chair keeps trying to get me to read stuff that demonstrates that religion is Wrong with a big W. Most recently he asked me to read Evans and Evans’ piece in the Annual Review on the religion-science “conflict” which is rather friendly to religion. He asked me to do so because he thought it […]

pivotality and performativity

OrgTheory is at it again with their “I’m really not an economist, really I’m not” theme. Meanwhile, I’ve been reading up on the voting literature for a forthcoming article I’m preparing for Contexts on the sociology of voting. I came across Duffy and and Tavits’ new article in AJPS on “pivotality”: more on my reading […]

digital asa program

I know about the ASA’s online program, and I know that the ASA publishes its program as .pdf files on its website, but what I don’t know is whether any of these digital sources of program info will at some point include room numbers, as the Giant Printed Program that we will receive upon registration […]


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