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more than a few days late, more than a few dollars short.

The following letter to the editor appeared in the “Viewpoint” section of our student paper yesterday, the second to last issue this year: I have worked in Building Services for two years, so most of this is about the people there, plus food service, lawn care and laundry. South Bend has one of the highest […]

chuck tilly

Many of you have probably gotten this word from other networks, but in case you have not, Chuck Tilly passed away this morning.  He was a great scholar and a fine human being and will be greatly missed.

i am furious

I am so mad, that I can’t even think straight. I don’t have anything productive to say other than a string of expletives. But really, what can you say, or what needs to be said, against such utterly contemptible falsehoods? Why am I mad? Scalia says “Get over it. It’s so old by now” regarding […]


Is there anything sweeter than a 4-year-old playing soccer? Maybe, but I still have to share this photo of the Kid’s first soccer game with you: It makes me think that I should organize more activities in which the Kid runs around without a clear purpose other than for my viewing pleasure. Do they make […]

watch people die, sociologically

Here. Click the now button for the most compelling version, especially if you just let it run while, say, being on the elliptical trainer. Anyway, if you aren’t in the mood for tragedy, can you at least tell me if you have any opinion either about the Amazon Kindle or these new Flip Video cameras? […]

the end of the semester crutch.

It might not explain Jeremy’s recent behavior, as he’s still slugging through spring quarter, but I’m sure a lot of us are suffering from end-of-the-semester burnout. You know, when you need something mindless to keep you going. Omar’s on the other side of the wall, cleaning his office. I wrote my syllabi for the fall […]


As further evidence that I am in the throes of the lamest midlife crisis ever, I have spent much of the weekend spurning pleasant social opportunities in favor of working alone on a new hobby so geeky/dorky I cannot bear the idea of talking about it publicly.  And given things I have mentioned about myself […]

songs about sociology

Because there have not been any posts for two days, I will take one for the team. Ok, there are plenty of songs about the law, which is my thing. “I Fought The Law and the Law Won,” for example. Also, Kanye West’s “Spaceship” makes me think of employment discrimination law for these lyrics: If […]

contest feature!

When I was in New Orleans for a conference last week, I left my sportsjacket somewhere with my cell phone inside. It was later recovered, but while it was lost I had the bright idea of calling it from the phone in my hotel room. I hung up as soon as my voicemail picked up. […]

campaign 2008!

I received the link today for the American Sociological Association elections. For those readers interested in canceling out my vote, here is how I voted for the association-wide offices (if anybody reads this who was running and did not get my vote: no offense, nothing personal, I’m a partly-stochastic voter, etc.): President: Pescosolido Vice President: […]


I find myself refreshing and refreshing this site. Anyone know if there’s a better option out there?


Spring is here and I am back, albeit with a desk full of things to do other than blog. [an aside - I love spring. I don't know if we haven't really had spring the other places I've lived (the Pacific Northwest, the South, and the desert) or if it's just that spring is even […]

orgtheory turns two

BTW, orgtheory celebrated its second anniversary yesterday, so wish them a belated happy biennium if you haven’t.  Even better, rumor is that they are working on a charity “Boys of Orgtheory” pin-up calendar. We may be younger, but we are feistier and will still kick their bothers in the Wii tournament at ASA.   Although we […]

where do I get these ideas anyway?

Apologies for monopolizing Scatter blogging. [begin incoherent rant] I’ve been reading Arlie Russell Hochschild’s books, The Time Bind and The Second Shift. They are depressing. Not only are workers overworked, they overwork themselves–they don’t want to take advantage of family-friendly policies, they want overtime, they want to buy into the organizational culture of the 10 […]

in your abundant spare time

So, I know we all read a lot for work. It’s all I do. And then I do more of it online, because I am a blog addict and F5 refresher hound. I need to do that site-blocking thing Jeremy does. But what do you read in your spare time? Me? Not enough, and it […]


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