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the recognitions

There’s that saying “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you.”  Why is there a saying: “Just because there’s a phenomenon called impostor syndrome doesn’t mean you are not an impostor.”  Except, not about you.  You aren’t an impostor and if you think otherwise that’s just more evidence of how insidious […]

speaking of social psych and hollywood…

(I realize that I haven’t blogged in weeks and now it’s two times in an hour, but bear with me) Back in my Intro to Soc days I used to have students do this project on stigma.* Within minutes of my last post, a friend shared a link to this little Hollywood adaptation of that […]

social psychology goes hollywood.

I’m sure that I’m not the only social psychology instructor that hates to show any part of the Stanford Prison Study because of the lackluster video and sound recording (especially evident about a minute into this excerpt). I mean it’s such an important and influential experiment – methodologically, ethically, and intellectually – one would hope […]

and in other news

My TA recently approached me about students in our class (stats/methods). TA: I think we need to reassess where our students are. SK: Oh, really? Why? TA: Um… well… one just came up to me and asked, “what is this thing – a ‘mean’ – that he keeps talking about?” SK: Oh! [eyes widened, worried […]

i’m pathetic

This is both a story about how I’m pathetic, and (cleverly) a way to brag. Soon, Top Chef begins. And through some mystical process, I have managed to get invited to watch the opening with one of the contestants! So I get the evite today and notice that only ten of us will be there. […]

on superdelegates

I’m not usually an especial fan of this sort of humor, but this clip made me laugh out loud here in my office several times.  I mean, not a big guffawing laugh but the little snorty laugh I do. [HT: Gwen and Cap'n Crab]

whiteness studies

Readers review a gallon of milk on Amazon. [HT: Lucy]

lie detector

Remember in Quiz Show where the producers rigged the game show so that the guy won week after week and then blew it on a comparatively very easy question, because that was more poignant and had a compelling irony? Lo, via a Washington Post blog: If you’ve missed [Fox's "The Moment of Truth"], I’ll summarize: […]

i knew it was bad, but…

I didn’t realize how bad. I know that others here (and readers) know far more about this than I do. But really? 1 in 100 U.S. adults are behind bars? I have recently been feeling that we’re moving to a moment of Marx’s revenge. It may not be proletariat and bourgeoisie, but I feel like […]

shhhh…it’s a secret (that everyone knows)

Based on popular demand  (n=2), I’m raising a question from today’s “ask a scatterbrain” comments thread from “off topic” to the topic:  Is it possible to be on the job market “on the down low”? 

article title of the day

“The Economics of Workaholism: We Should Not Have Worked on This Paper” by Daniel Hamermesh and Joel Slemrod.

how to diminish the influence of economics

1. Expend energy railing against the Patriot Employer Act, co-sponsored by Barack Obama. What’s to hate about it? From the Economist‘s Free Exchange blog (h/t Mark Thoma): There is much to dislike in the bill. Essentially, it offers employers a tax credit, worth one percent of taxable income, in exchange for adherence to a set […]

what matters? ask a scatterbrain

From a student: I’m a few years away from the job market. But not THAT far away. What matters? Everyone I talk to alternates between telling me how hard it is to predict the job market while acting surprised that I’m not doing what I “should”. So, what “should” I do? What matters on my […]

pedagogy of the powerless

I decided that with this morning’s class I would finally master the mojo of integrating video clips into my lecture. After all, the topic was “authority,” which meant giving some consideration of–you have to see this coming–the Milgram experiment. I downloaded a program to convert YouTube/Google clips into .mwhatever files, and upgraded QuickTime so that […]

book writing: so exciting i might hurl

OMG! I am reading the copyedits of my book and making almost-final revisions! Squeee! I don’t know what is wrong with me, but for whatever reason, I have this feeling of excitement combined with nervousness that seems to be building upon itself into a crazy whirlpool of doom/glee in my stomach. Why the doom? Why […]


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